Why should we all love seagrass as our holidays pictures background?!

Well as plants they do photosynthesis just making the oxygen we need to survive…
They also provide shelter and food for some icons of the oceans such as green turtles, octopus and more… So seagrass around = cool encounters.

Green turtle snaking on seagrass, The wonder bio

That’s not it! Seagrass protect our coastlines from erosion and waves action: allowing us to enjoy water activities!!! 🏝⛵️🤿

Windsurf around Maamutaa’s seagrass meadow, The wonder bio

AAAAAANNND they fight climate change!!! Yep, as they absorb carbon dioxide and store it into the sediments: Tadaaaaa!

That being just a glimpse of the seagrass awesomeness… Yes, we need them somewhere nearby to make sure we can enjoy clean and healthy waters as well as great marine life and so for a loooong time.

Now you can visit Maldives, pose in front of some cool plants and brag about it! 📸😎🌱

PS: they also make the nursery habitat for our Baby sharks….

Baby shark & seagrass, The wonderbio



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