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Hello! My name is Amandine, I am the resident marine biologist at Raffles Maldives Meradhoo.

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Meradhoo, Gaafu Alifu atoll

Maldives, Indian Ocean

  • The Initial Realization:

It all started when I was 7 years old and watched a beautiful film, ‘Free Willy’, which features a female marine biologist educating the hero about the orca ‘Willy’. She spoke about its behavior, it’s fav food and looked so cool, that I became an ardent fan of that marine biologist and the profession. And she became my first role model.

This feeling tagged along as I grew up and it was only natural for me to join the diving community when I was old enough to dive.

  • A Turning Point

As I gained experience underwater and was blessed with more amazing encounters, I found that observing was just not enough. Keeping in mind the marine biologist from the movie and thanks to my supportive Dad I went on the Science path at school. Eventually another movie caught my attention and this was a complete revelation, I watched “Shark Water” and this film was a turning point in my life.

I changed my original plan and decided to study sharks. I completed my master degree through an exchange program in Sweden, graduating with a major on shark behavior and ecotoxicology. All the courses and laboratory research broadened my understanding and opened my eyes to multiple cool fields of marine sciences. Eventually, I became a dive master and through this training I had the chance to work mixing marine sciences and tourism – I reckon that this was another turning point in my life!

Stay connected with divers and guests made me realize that my quest to know more had only increased and I truly wanted to make a difference to the planet we call our home. My craving towards the deep blue waters had no limits and I wanted to do everything to make our ways on this planet more sustainable.

  • A Breath of Relief, the Great Barrier Reef!

There are not many better places to start than the Great Barrier Reef for a marine enthusiast. I volunteered on a diving live-aboard vessel operating from Cairns, Australia. Then I landed a job in the same marina as an onboard marine biologist. I was fortunate to be working within a team of biologists, educating tourists and children about wonders of the sea. I also learnt about the local culture and was allowed to share aboriginal stories passed on from the different aboriginal families of the area.

Wally & Amandine; Reef magic cruises , Moore Reef, The Great Barrier Reef , Australia.

This fantastic experience ended as did my Australian visa. But not my will to pursue such a career! Strong for those encounters and experiences, I looked for similar job worldwide. I knew what I wanted to do.

  • The Marvellous Maldives

With the never-ending appetite for learning more and my will to make a difference, I looked out for opportunities that would help me not only educate people but also implement everything I have learnt. After a couples of interviews a successful one led me to the beautiful island nation: The Republic Maldives. Everything seemed to be great and yet challenging, I had the immediate inclination towards the job.

The minute I set my foot in that paradise island, it got me! It was nothing but wild and marvellous. The colors spoke for themselves , jungle and reef are pristine.

I spent the next few months studying the island, its plants, animals and different habitats… With everything that I learnt in the past and the knowledge I gained after a lot of research I now not only educate guests leaving them with a smile but I also go that extra mile to conserve and safeguard the reef surrounding the island and the inland flora and fauna. Along my stay on Maamutaa I have made unusual friends like some bat fist, a booby bird which was rescued, amongst others.

Sustainability is a lifestyle …

With guests I can talk about nearly anything living in the reef, or inside the island, narrating facts and stories about the marine life, plants or corals that would go unnoticed otherwise. I was also craving for more, after three years and strong of that Maldivian experience I decided to push my journey deeper into conservation. To peruse my career within an institution deeply involved with sustainability and reef care. There are a few famous names of barefoot luxury in Maldives also when i saw that this secluded pristine island with its resilient reef was looking for a marine biologist to tag along with their crew of marine butlers: I applied, and guys believe me it is better than the job description!

I have just started getting my hand on things but fish diversity, turtle identification and baby shark adoptions are on the agenda! So I will keep you posted!

Guys, I love questions about wildlife and I like to learn, so if you are worried about that gecko on your wall or want to tell me something about a plant or a fish you know let’s have a chat!

Take care of yourself and our nature. Talk to you soon!

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