To that we say YES!

You wish to be involved in shark conservation in Maldives and learn about those small sharks swimming in the shallows?!

Here you go: around Pullman Maldives, Maamutaa island, in the southern Maldives we have a lot of small black tip reef shark. It is an opportunity to discover their habits. From your screen you can have a look at the ones we identified already and if you visit us: make sure you read the rules about how to take a picture… Or maybe you have visited us in paradise and you want to know how your friends are doing: keep scrolling, you might even find out your special shark was spotted again!!!

When you are on Maamutaa you can just walk around or actively look for them… If/when you meet one baby shark: unleash the national geographic reporter that sleeps in you !
Clic that picture and go to talk to our (wonder) marine biologist about it.
If you agree to share you will be part of a project aiming to is develop a juvenile black-tips reef sharks logbook. Some kind of insta-shark for Maamutaa ! 😉 The objective is to know more about where they hang out, with who and when…

Pictures can be from anybody, just follow the 5 rules:

  • The picture must show the entire shark body, preferably from above.
  • It must be clear enough to observe presence or absence of marks and characteristics.
  • Date /time as well as location must be shared with the picture.
  • If the shark has not been spotted before choose a name!
  • We don’t want you or the shark to feel disturbed so please stay in the comfort zone of everyone, and keep in mind they are wild animals, we must respect them even if they are “cute babies”.

Why doing this ?! Well to have a look at the migration pattern linked with size, tide, time of the day, and the weather. To understand better our baby shark behaviour and protect them better as they are a key species for a system such as Maamutaa ‘s reef.

Meet (y)our Sharks

Identified by a lovely group of individuals interested in conservation, nature, sharing, and most probably sharks…

Arturo #1

Observer: Martin

Date : 13 November 2020

Time :10.30

Place : Spa jetty (Zone 5)

Characteristics : one black spot on the left fin ( junction between fin and body

Milo #2

Observer: Amandine

Date : 06 Nov. 2020

Time : 10:37

Place : Dive center (Zone 1)

Characteristics : right pectoral fin cut black spot on the left side upper fin

Tonino #3

Observer: Mara & Andrea

Date : 4 Dec 2019

Time : 11.45

Place :Spa jetty ( Zone 5)

Characteristics : injury on the right eye abnormal growth on the right side of the snout

Chouchou #4

Observer: Amandine

Date : 01 Dec. 2020

Time : 08 :05

Place : Dive center (Zone 1)

Characteristics : 2 white spots on the right pectoral fin

Padre #5

Observer: Amandine

Date : 9 Dec 2020

Time : 08:01

Place :Dive center (Zone 1)

Characteristics : two spot on the head plus coloration mark on the pectoral fins

Minus #6

Observer: Amandine

Date : 21 Jan 2020

Time : 15:56

Place : Dive center (Zone 1)

Characteristics : 3 black marks on the head aligned first in between eyes , last in-between 2 sets of gills looking like a –

Ean #7

Observer: Guest

Date: 21 Dec 2020

Time: 17:40

Place: Dive Center (Zone 1)

Characteristics: light coloration spots on both pectoral fins

Ollie #8

Observer: Guest

Date: 23 dec 2020

Time: 10:43

Place: Spa jetty ( Zone 5)

Characteristics : uneven pigmentation of the skin on forehead (like a light mask) and on the pectoral fins.

Nairobi #9

Observer: Guest

Date: 28 Dec 2020

Time: 15:44

Place: Dive Center (Zone 1)

Characteristics : black mark on the front of left pectoral fin

Kevin #10

Observer: Alice & Konrad

Date: 31 Dec 2020

Time: 10:08

Place: Romeo pavilion (Zone 4)

Characteristics : Black spot on the front of the right pectoral fin.

Steve #11

Observer: staff for Beth & Gavin

Date: 16 Feb 2021

Time: 18:13

Place : Dive Center( Zone 1) 

Characteristics: black line on the forehead

Hayam #12

Observer Danah

Date: 29 Jan 2021

Time: 12:55

Place: Arrival jetty (Zone 1)

Characteristics: white mark near the gills on the forehead right side

Blacky #13

Observer: Tosia

Date : 30 jan 2021

Time : 11:44

Place: dive center( Zone 1)

Characteristics: black ovoid mark on the forehead in between eyes

Toothless #14

Observer: Vishesh & wife

Date : 24 Jan 2021

Time 09:32

Place : Villa 617 (Zone 6)

Characteristics : 1 black dot on the left pectoral fin.

PAI #15

Observer: Amandine

Date : 7 May 2021

Time: 08:05

Place: DC jetty (Zone 1)

Characteristics : dark coloration spots & unusual shape of the right pectoral fin..

One #16

Observer: Lisa & Sofia

Date: 07 May 2021

Time: 14:17

Place: Dive Center Jetty (Zone 1)

Characteristics : Black spots on the right pectoral fin.

Wonky #17

Observer: Judith & Quentin

Date: 09 May 2021

Time: 13:41

Place : Dive Center( Zone 1) 

Characteristics: Right fin extremely misshaped( looks like absent)

Muse #18

Observer: Staff

Date: 21 June 2021

Time: 09:05

Place: Staff beach (Zone 5)

Characteristics:unusual body Colocation patterns: like a black mask on the face

Cha #19

Observer: Amandine

Date: 04 August 2021

Time: 08:26

Place: Dive center jetty (Zone 1)

Characteristics : Black spot on the forehead and pectoral fins.

Eva #20

Observer: staff

Date: 09 August 2021

Time: 08:03

Place : Dive Center jetty ( Zone 1) 

Characteristics: black spots on the forehead

Finn #21

Observer: Kathrin

Date: 10 August 2021

Time: 08:56

Place: Arrival jetty (Zone 1)

Characteristics: Black spots on forehead and right fin.

ROB #22

Observer: Amandine

Date: 11 September 2021

Time: 08:41

Place: Dive center jetty (Zone 1)

Characteristics : Black spot on the forehead shape like triangle and on pectoral fins.

Sidney #23

Observer: Guest (308)

Date: 08 September 2021

Time: 17: 01

Place : Romeo ( Zone 4) 

Characteristics: grey line on between pectoral and anal fin

Shaka #24

Observer: Briana

Date: 21 October 2021

Time: 16:16

Place: Arrival jetty (Zone 1)

Characteristics: White mark on forehead.

Jim #25

Observer: Dee

Date: 22 October 2021

Time: 06:56

Place: Mélange Beach (Zone 3)

Characteristics : The pectoral fin has a unusual shape.

Jaden #26

Observer: Dee

Date: 22 October 2021

Time: 06:58

Place : Mélange Beach (Zone 3)

Characteristics: white pattern on the gills

Rodrigo #27

Observer: Amandine for Elza

Date: 24 November 2021

Time: 07:16

Place: Staff beach (Zone 5)

Characteristics: unusual coloration on the left pectoral fin’s tip.

Tinga #28

Observer: Gabriel,Neomi and Alma

Date: 01 December 2021

Time: 08:40

Place: Dive center(Zone 1)

Characteristics : two black spots on the forehead

Harley #29

Observer: Blackpool and the Flyde college

Date: 1 December 2021

Time: 17:02

Place : Romeo (Zone 4)

Characteristics: white spot on the right pectoral fin

Where and when (y)our shark was spotted?!

If you are not to sure here is a map of Maamutaa island…. Divided in zones to give us better idea of where baby sharks hang out…

If you want to submit an entry :

  1. Share your picture
    We can meet at the dive center( Zone 1) for a transfer or you can send it via e-mail.
  2. Define the time & location
    We’ll need all the details of your picture where, when….
  3. Maybe that shark will be spotted again…
    We’ll keep updating that page and maybe someone will spot again that shark so we will se if it changes his/her fav location.

Submit (Y)our baby shark picture and name !

What should i call you as “observer” for that baby shark?
Let me know how you want to Name your new friend! Any observation that can be useful Like weather, any other animal around… What you feel like sharing….
Selected Value: 1
Let me know where you saw the shark by filling the zone number. Look a the island map, it is divided in 6 Zones
you want updates the next time someone sees your shark, You want to know if it already has a name… leave your e mail. I’m not sharing this email with anyone!