Why don’t I feed the fish…

Dear travellers this topic is here because it was discussed frequently lately so here we go once for all: why NOT feed the fish… Well the main reason being:

Because it is ILLEGAL here in the Maldives…

Fish feeding has such negative impacts on the environment and marine life that it is not legal in  Maldives… But why ???? 

Reef fishes over their shelter, the wonder bio.

Let me cut it down for you: 

1- Wrong diet: See it like giving gluten to a gluten intolerant person…not cool.

Most of the time food provided is not what the fishes are used to eat… did you see bread or rice in the reef? NOPE…. So fish that are fed are getting sick and or developing stomach issue.

2- it triggers “child” neglect: Going and staying in the feeding area fishes will leave their nest/ territory unattended so predator might easily eat the eggs/youngsters. Also a competitor might take over the area.

Imagine if someone was fish feeding at nemo’s reef… No care: child neglect: so no movie!!😱

3- Fish will become lazy and useless to the reef

Some fish species are important part of the reef system as they are eating the algae competing with corals. When those fish are fed, they might stop eating algae meaning more algae overtaking the reef: less corals.

Foraging surgeonfish, Mercure reef, the wonder bio

Not only the algae itself but also other organisms that are supposed to be removed by the foraging fish community will no longer be. Like the eggs and juveniles of crown of Thorn seastar a coral predator. Feeding the fish means less corals by competition and predation…

4- Changing the “respect” wildlife has towards humans

Naturally humans are viewed as something to avoid by marine life. As we are large in size, move weird (probably smell funny with all of that sunscreen). Resulting in wild animals keeping their distance and humans entering the water safely. 

When fish feeding happens, human proximity might be associated with food. Or some places within our activity area might be associated with easy food. So that caution distance from the wildlife might be gone, increasing incident probability. 

blacktip reef shark swimming away from a yet peaceful and calm wonderbio …

Thats 5 reason why not feeding the fish. I tried to keep it informative and simple but those are only a few of the consequences of fish feeding. If you have any questions, suggestions I’m happy to have a chat.

Meanwhile keep a look out!



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