Celebrating Manta Day 

Dear Traveler,

This September on the 17th we celebrated the second ever World Manta Day.

Why are we celebrating manta you may wonder …

Photo credit: Abu

First there is no reason for the sharks to get all the fun! They got shark week so manta got their day!

Second and most important well the aim is to raze awareness, spread knowledge about them; adress issues about what threaten those gentle giant. Basically it is to help protect Manta rays through education.

Because the more we know the more we care and understand so the better we can protect.

Btw you can spot them in different parts of Maldives, in some places like southern part researchers and associations are still figuring out what the best time to see them around. But in the North of Maldives, in the famous Hanifaru Bay it is June to November!!!! The fantastic team from Maldivian Manta Project is studying them there!

  • Manta rays have a huge mouth! Raaaaaaght ! Just kidding: they eat tiny things by filtration and gasping: plankton is their fav food!
  • They have minuscule teeth and only on the bottom jaw…
  • They can cough! It is believed it is to clear their gills… 
  • They are originals: Every Manta has a unique belly … yes… The colocation and spots there allows us to identify them. A bit like our fingerprints it allows us to tell them apart individually.
  • They jump /Splash! To clean themselves from parasites or detach those remoras….
Photo credit :Abu

I decided to celebrate Manta day by learning about them through a lecture, and some activities with guests…

Meanwhile happy Manta day and keep a look out!



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