Dear travellers,

this festive season we are going to receive and we are going to give…presents. Let not only the gift be useful for the future but its impact too.

To give and receive in a better way possible for our environment and our oceans, I wanted to share with you some ideas.

Knowledge… E-Schools and e-subjects are diverse; it could be a diving specialty/ introduction or to gain knowledge about nature. Discover code of conducts: how to interact with wildlife…. We can’t care about what we don’t know so lets learn!

Hand made/ crafted presents. Personalised touch goes a long way, with tutorials or imagination I’m sure we can make some cool and nice things. If not well a nice card or e-card or even a small video with a special attention can do, you could thing a song…

You can gift with a purpose: get some merchandise from brands that do ocean clean-up. Or get some of those clothing are made of repurposed plastics, or gift some jewellery donating a part of the profit to NGOs….

Not the present itself matter for our planet but also the wrap, did you ever took out the bins after Christmas day?! Full of wrappings… used only once and discarded. Well lest start by reducing our own…  you can add a nice touch by wrapping using a fabric scarf, a bandana, a T-shirt… recycled newspaper….be creative! 

Second hand gifts, lets popularise second hand gifts. Toys and accessories don’t have to be brand new to serve their purpose.  As a kid you never viewed that toy your friend had?! You maybe exchanged it or got borrowed it for a moment and you were happy as if it was new…. Let’s REUSE!

Your gift can be the introduction of a good habit: gift reusable cutlery/ reusable mugs… that your loved ones can enjoy their coffee plastic free!

I even have for the “last minute grifters”… A great cause: you can adopt a marine animal, the donation helping the conservation of that specie. And you can do so on the behalf of someone or give the name of your bro to a baby shark (we have 2 for you to adopt!you just have to contact me and give me a name). Manta trust also has a few cool Mantas you can symbolically adopt. You can choose and name a cute sea turtle via Olive Ridley Project.

Those are my thoughts and ideas but there are many more, please get inspired and add things if you want! Have great festive holidays!



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